About WoodFire™

What is WoodFire™?  WoodFire™ is an all-natural, Charcoal-Free, Chemical-Free,  100% wood briquet made from hardwood reclaimed from timber processing, capturing the essence of cooking over wood — the flavor, the aroma, the experience — in a convenient, clean, easy to use, earth-friendly form. Their consistent quality ensures consistent results.

Since WoodFire™ is charcoal-free, hands and clothing stay clean.  Plus, there is very little ash left in the grill afterward.

Cooking over the real wood coals of WoodFire™ gives food a grilled-to-perfection flavor.  WoodFire™ also gives a pleasing aroma that brings back memories of enjoying a campfire in the great outdoors.

Ingredients: 100% hardwood fibers reclaimed from timber processing.  No added chemicals or fillers.

Uses: Use WoodFire™ anywhere you would use wood including charcoal grills, ceramic grills, wood-burning ovens, smokers, backyard fire pits, campfires and fireplaces.  WoodFire™ can be used as a flavor-enhancer in gas grills.

Lighting: Match light using the specially-made fire starters included - enough for the entire WoodFire™ bag.  The fire starters are non-volatile, and safe to store for later use.  The WoodFirestarters work every time.

WoodFire™ is manufactured in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  We take great pride in offering a superior product that also contributes to the world’s recycling and conservation efforts.

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